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Welcome to the AWARD WINNING Bubbles and Brushes Art Studio!  Our studio has won over a half dozen awards including Honorable Mention to the prestigious “Newnan-Coweta Chamber Small Business Awards”.  So what makes us so amazing? 

  1. - We are open ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for children and adults to come play with all our paint supplies, craft buffet, glitter and sensory wall.  No registration or call ahead is required!

  2. -We are the creators of the first, original “Craft Buffet” which contains buttons, stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and hundreds more craft supplies for artists to create their own masterpiece. 

  3. -Our customer service is unparalleled!  We have seven amazing staff members who absolutely LOVE working at the studio and helping our customers!

  4. -We have over 200+ original, copywritten paintings to choose from in our gallery!

  5. -Our studio is a bright, friendly, relaxing creative space that allows customers to paint away their stress. 

  6. - Our studio is affordable!  As parents of little ones, our owners know how expensive it can be to have a day of fun.  We strive to keep our costs low and the fun high!

  7. -We understand that art does not come easily to everyone.  To help our customers, we write step-by-step directions on the backs of all our paintings!

Bubbles and Brushes is the perfect opportunity to get messy and creative without all the cleanup.  So grab a cup of coffee, a bunch of your friends, and visit Bubbles and Brushes today!  Not quite ready to try it on your own?  Attend one of our step-by-step classes or have your own art party!  Start by clicking on the links at the top. 

Happy Painting!

Art Instruction to the Patients and Staff at

                Newnan Location



AT THE 2013 and 2014




The Birthday Parties are a stress-free event for the parent and a fun, interactive event for the kids.  The birthday boy/girl gets to feel special because they picked out the painting and everyone leaves with something they like versus the typical goody bag of so-so gifts.  It is a great way for all the kids to stay engaged in one activity and share in the experience without leaving anyone out.  Cleanup and setup are a breeze, too!”

I truly had an amazing time and though there were WAAAAAAY more children than anticipated (at our birthday party) the environment was very inviting and no one made me feel like a bother. Awesome Awesome Awesome Experience!”

Bubbles and Brushes ran an art class with our Connect After School program this past school year that was wildly popular. The class filled up immediately and parents even asked about the next one before the first class was over. The students loved it and were always engaged in what they were doing. The biggest part for myself, staff and parents was seeing their pride in the art work at the end of each class. Such a pleasure!”

We were beyond thrilled with our experience!!  Kristen, the instructor, did an awesome job! Everyone had a great experience and some even mentioned using Bubbles and Brushes for a future paint party! Thank you for being a big part in making my daughter's birthday a memorable one!!”

“I think it's wonderful that we have a fun art studio right here where we live.  There's nothing better than supporting a local, small business owner.”




Every Monday, members will receive

a free gift!


Every Tuesday, kids ages 3 and under are 1/2 off Open Studio!



Every Friday, all canvases are buy one, get one of equal or lesser value!



Families of 4+ painters get 10% off their

entire Open Studio purchase!